About Us

Key People and Partners

  • PhD of Architecture He earned his degree from Tehran University. He is leading many urban design and architecture projects and has worked on numerous researches about Iranian architecture and urban.
    Ehsan Fotoohi
    Master of ArchitectureExecutive Director. He earned his degree from Shahid Beheshti University. He has been responsible for many built projects in Iran including residential projects, office, commercial, hotel and etc.
    Yaser Faridian
  • Master of Architecture Architect and member of Technical Committee at Tarh Ara. After graduating in 2013, she has been working on many variety of projects and researches in her main field and related.
    Sepideh Ojian
    Master of Urban Design Internal director at Tarh Ara. She has extensive experience of working on architecture and urban design, and now she is working on researches about Iranian architecture and Urban.
    Atousa Haftlangi
  • Master of Architecture Chief Architect. He has designed and renovated many projects; municipal structures, public housing facilities, historical houses and that is the short list. He also brings a wealth of experience in graphic.
    Reza Sarlak
    PhD of Architecture After graduation from IAU of Tehran-CB he has working on many projects in field of Cultural heritage, Tourism and Restoration and also has some related researches. He is one of Technical Committee at Tarh Ara.
    Mostafa Pourali